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Five varieties of potatoes including several gourmet standards as well as a few tasty specialty types. Includes Sunrise Gold, Purple Viking, Lollipop, Russet, Austrian Crescent. 1 lbs of each variety. 5 lbs total. *varieties subject to change*

Sunrise Gold

Disease resistant to black leg and common scab. Yellow skin and moist yellow flesh. Large round to oval tubars that have very shallow eyes. Very high tubar set for such an early potato. Medium storage dormancy and a great breakfast potato. Early Season 65+ days

Purple Viking

Purple Viking has a strong following of customers who love it for its striking apperance and deliousness. Skin is deep purple with pink splashes and inside is bright white. Creamy texture when cooked is great for flaky baked potatoes or smooth mashed potatoes. High yielding, large potatoes. Early-season 65+ days


This mid season potato is bread for baby red potatoes with its mini tuber size. It has a very high tuber set with great storage dormancy. It is disease resistant to silver scurf. 80+ days


The traditional baking potato, also great for mashing and fries. Resistant to late blight. High yielding, large size, few eyes. 100-120 days. French-Vibrant rosy skin with creamy yellow flesh that contains a streak of pink. A truly striking potato. Very versatile and easy to clean in the kitchen. Different from other Fingerling varieties in its uniformity, larger size, and excellent production. Stores well. Mid-Season. 85-110 days.

Austrian Crecent

Nutty tasting yellow flesh wrapped in a light, thin yellow skin. It tends to have an attractive crescent shape. Austrian Crescent is very firm when cooked; the pieces hold their shape in potato salads. Also flavorful when first lightly steamed or boiled and then sautéed into stir fries. Has a relatively high starch content for a fingerling. Late Season 120+ days


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