Turban: usually Hardneck - not braidable

We believe these are Artichoke garlics because of the type of bulbils produced, their early maturation and clove shape. They are weak bolting garlics and earlier maturing than any of our other garlics. Turbans may grow softneck in mild winter climates. Like Asiatics, they should be harvested a week or so after their spathe (seed head) emerges.

Turban bulbs usually attain a good size even though the plants are small. The heavily striped bulbs are very attractive and are ideal for early season marketing before other garlics appear. Cloves are normally plump, with light, glossy pink to brown color. Stores approximately 4 months.

One pound of seed garlic will produce approximately 60 plants, though this number may vary.

Certified Organic unless otherwise noted