Silverskin: Softneck - braidable

Sillverskin garlics are the type most often  found on supermarket shelves due to their very long storage life.  They are the highest yielding variety and do well in a wide range of climates, hot southern, wet maritime, and cold northern climates as well.

Plant growth is more upright than other types.  Leaves are often narrow and pale green despite healthy plants.  Silverskins rarely produce flower stalks in mild climates, but may when stressed by cold winters or drought conditions.

Bulb wrappers are fine and smooth, usually all white.  Three clove layers are common. Total cloves per bulb vary from 12 to 20.  Outer cloves are usually flat and wide while inner cloves are tall, narrow, and concave.

Silverskins have long been the most popular garlics for braiding because of the smooth, shiny skin and symmetrical shape.  These are the last garlic harvested and may lodge (fall over) a week or more before harvest due to their weak necks. Stores approximately 10-12 months.

One pound of seed garlic will very roughly produce 70 plants