Horseradish Growing Guide

Soil and Fertilizing:

Soil must be moist, fertile, and loamy. Clay soil may be hard for the roots to grow down. Till soil 8-10 inches down for optimum growth. Fertilize in early spring.


Dig a trench 3-4 inches deep, place roots 18 inches apart and at a 45 degree angle, and cover over with topsoil after planting, Horseradish can tend to take over your garden, so you may want to keep contained. 


Water regularly to keep moist. 

Harvesting / Storage:

Harvest in either spring or late fall for the best flavor, use a shovel or pitchfork to carefully dig up. Leaving some in the ground to propagate for the next year. 

For storage you will want to trim foliage down to about 1 inch and wash and dry roots. Like carrots they can be stored in damp sand in a dark location. Avoid freezing temperatures.