Porcelain: Hardneck - not braidable

Porcelains are becoming increasingly popular as gardeners and garlic connoisseurs learn of their unique properties.  Most Porcelains display satiny white bulb wrappers with only 4 to 6 symmetrical cloves per bulb.  Their cloves are often as large as unshelled Brazil nuts and are frequently mistaken for elephant garlic.

Their flavor is outstanding, rivaling that of Rocamboles.  Because of their smooth, tight bulb wrappers, they store longer than Rocamboles.  Their large cloves, while a boon in the kitchen, furnish fewer plants per pound of seed stock, producing smaller yield ratios than other garlic varieties. Stores approximately 6 months.

One pound of Porcelain seed garlic will yield approximately 40 plants, though this number may vary widely.