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growing-great-garlic.jpegGrowing Great Garlic By Ron Engeland 

A Bestselling Book for Gardeners and Small Farmers published by Filaree Garlic Farm! 
This book is the definitive guide and the first garlic book ever written specifically for organic gardeners and small farmers.

Growing Great Garlic tells which strains to plant, when to plant, how to plant, when to fertilize (and when not to fertilize), when to prune flower stalks and when to harvest - plus how to store, market and process your crop.

Growing Great Garlic covers everything - from site and soil preparation to harvest, curing and storage. Thirteen chapters include the history and evolution of garlic. It’s so thorough and extensive even commercial growers buy and consult this book. Written by Filaree's founding farmer Ron Engeland, this book has become a classic for many growers. A welcome addition to every gardener’s library.

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growing-great-garlic.jpegGarlic: Nature's Original Remedy By Stephen Fulder and John Blackwood 

The most authoritative book we know of regarding the chemistry of garlic and its medicinal properties. Filled with scientific references, but written in laymen’s language.

Includes chapters on infections, circulation, blood purification, garlic as a pesticide, and home recipes for garlic preparations. Very useful and informative. 

156 pages, paperback.

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growing-great-garlic.jpegA Mythic History of Garlic By Jim Anderson 

A Mythic History of Garlic is the first ever cartoon history of garlic.
This 40 page book consists of three separate tales.
The Journey of Tzan begins with a heroic journey to the netherworlds explaining how garlic got its heat.

Uzbek the Bulbarian
describes how garlic migrated from its obscure existence on the barren steppes of Central Asia to conquer the culinary world around the globe.

Clove Encounters of the Zerd Kind spotlights garlic's role as protector of culinary diversity in the dim reaches of outer space.
Paperback 40 pages


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