Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We begin shipping orders in mid September with Alaskan orders, then moving on to the bulk of the US. We ship in the order that they are received, starting with orders placed in February. This means that orders placed after we begin shipping typically ship later in the season. We also set aside orders from AL, AR, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA, MD, MS, NC, PR, TN, TX, SC, and VA to be shipped in November. This shipping system is our way of ensuring that you have your garlic seed by the time you need to plant, but not too far ahead of time as our storage conditions are ideal for garlic. Orders placed in August will ship in early October, orders placed in September or later will ship in mid to late October. For more info please check out our shipping page. Please keep in mind that the best time to plant garlic is 2-3 weeks before your ground freezes solid, or 2-3 weeks before the coldest time of your year if your ground does not freeze solid for the winter. 


What is seed garlic? How is it different from food garlic?

Seed garlic has been selected over the course of many years for size, consistency, and vigor.  We take care to keep all strains separate throughout the growing, curing, storing, and shipping processes. Seed garlic is also more heavily inspected for potential issues and flaws. At our farm, each bulb is checked at least 12 times between planting and being shipped out of our warehouse.


Are you Certified Organic? Non-GMO?

Yes we are. If you would like a copy of our organic certification, please send us an email to


There are so many types of garlic! What should I buy?

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices try our Garden Variety Packs. These packs come in a variety of sizes and combinations to fit any home gardeners' needs. 

If you would prefer to build your own order we highly recommend checking out the Porcelains, Purple Stripes, Artichokes, and Silverskins. There are many different strains within each of those adaptable varietal groups so click through and find some that pique your interest.

You can find a helpful variety comparison chart at the bottom of all the pages on our site, which will detail many of the differences between varieties, as well as more detailed descriptions by varietal group here.


What is the best garlic for my area?

Our variety comparison chart has a row dedicated to preferred climate.


I want a hardneck

Our variety comparison chart has a row that specifies which varieties are hardneck, softneck, and weak bolting; a strange in between where that garlic may send out a pseudo-scape in colder climates but will not in warmer climates.


I want a long storing/spiciest/biggest bulbs

Our variety comparison chart has rows dedicated to storage length in months, flavor profiles, and number of cloves per pound.


What is the difference between varietal groups?

Strains within varietal groups share physical characteristics due to similar genetics, like a branch on a family tree. These physical characteristics are detailed on our Variety Comparison Chart.


How much should I order?

We use the following calculation for estimating numbers. Reference our Variety Comparison Chart for Cloves per lb.


Can I order more than the listed limits?

The limit system is set up to balance allowing people to slake their garlic thirst and making sure as many people have access to the wide variety of strains offered. You are, however, welcome to call and inquire if we are able to go over listed limits.


Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes we do! All our Bulk strains follow the same bulk discount system on our ordering page. You can also call or email us to place a large order with one of our team members.


What should I do when I receive my order?

Open and inspect your entire order immediately. Store garlic in a cool, dry, dark place until you are ready to plant. For more information, reference the growing guide on our website and in your package.


What size will I receive?

That depends a bit on when you ordered. Our largest bulbs, we send out first to those who ordered early in the year. However, all bulbs will be above 1 ¾” with most being above 2”. For more information, check out our Ordering Page


What does substitutions mean?

For much of the year, we are selling seed that is still in the ground. You can pre-order based on our conservative harvest estimates. If the actual harvest is less than our estimates, we will substitute with similar strains in the same varietal group, always keeping in mind your entire order and your growing location. For more information, check out our Ordering Page


When do I plant?

Plant garlic 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes solid (not the first frost!). This will enable the cloves to establish some roots while minimizing the amount of top growth prior to winter. If your ground does not freeze solid, plant 2-4 weeks before the coldest time of year. 


How do I prepare my soil?

Garlic grows best in loose, well draining loam with a neutral pH. If your soil is clay heavy, amend with organic matter. Garlic is also a heavy nitrogen feeder, so adding organic manures to your soil a few weeks before planting will set your garlic up for success. 

How do I plant?

Check out our Garlic Growing Guide online, which is also included in each package of garlic seed shipped. Growing Guides for our other seed crop offerings can be viewed here.

Should I mulch?

Yes. Apply a few inches of mulch such as chopped hay, leaves, or grass clippings when you plant in the fall and water in. 


Should I fertilize?

Provide nitrogen during vegetative growth in the early Spring via a foliar spray. We use kelp fertilizer and fish emulsion.


How do I water garlic?

Infrequently and deeply. You want to provide the roots under the bulb access to moisture but not have the bulb constantly sitting in moisture.


What do I do if my garlic makes scapes or seed heads?

If your garlic is a hardneck, hooray! It's doing what it needs to do. If your garlic is a soft neck, no worries! Much like humans, garlic can act weird when stressed. Snap or cut off the scapes when they have made a full loop -or- when they resemble the drawings on the variety page.


When do I harvest garlic?

When the top 4 leaves are 50% brown 50% green and the lower leaves are all completely brown and crispy. Each green leaf equates to one bulb wrapper that will remain on the bulb once harvested.


How do I cure garlic?

After harvesting, brush off excess dirt and hang in bundles of 5-10 plants out of direct sunlight where there is good air circulation. In wet climates, a fan might be needed. Let bulbs cure for 3-4 weeks. Softnecks take longer as there are layers of cloves. Trim roots and cut the neck 1/2" above bulb.

What are the best storage conditions for garlic?

In netted bags or ventilated crates. Ideal storage temperatures are 55-65 degrees and 45%-60% humidity. For home use a cool, dark, dry place will do: a closet, cupboard, or a dry basement. Refrigerators are to humid, and garlic will begin to sprout. 


Can I save my own seed?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! Saving and replanting seed for a few years allows the garlic time to adapt to your climate.


Help! Something is wrong with the garlic I planted! It is


…very small

…didn’t form cloves

…has rust



…the plants look like a palm tree

…the plants look wilted


Feel free to send us any photos of your plants with the following information: 


…Where are you located?

…How did you prepare your soil? Did you do a soil test?

…When did you plant? Did you mulch?

…How was your winter/spring? Unusual weather? Too much moisture?

…Did you fertilize in the spring? How?

…Do you rotate your garlic? How often and with what?

Do you ship outside the US?

We are only able to ship to addresses in the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Can I get a catalog?

Due to a sharp decrease in interest for our printed media, we did not make a 2022 catalog. We are, however, happy to send you a 2021 catalog with a 2022 pricing sheet. The website is the best place for up to date inventory information.


What is your refund policy?

If your order has not gone to the warehouse and you would like to cancel, we are happy to make a full refund. Please visit our Returns page for information on orders that have already shipped.

When can I order seed potatoes/sweet potato slips/asparagus crowns? And when will they ship?

We start accepting spring and fall orders in January. For information on when each item will ship, look at our shipping page.