Customer Testimonials



 If I could give a better rating than ‘postive’ I would for Filaree Farm. We started purchasing garlic from Filaree in 1995 while still living in the Boston area. As newbies we received advice and help from them. The site has great growing information and caters to the small scale grower. Unlike most companies selling garlic, Filaree lists by varietal groups (Artichoke, Purple Stripe, Silverskin, Porcelain, etc.) with accurate descriptions, allowing the buyer to choose the type of garlic that has the characteristics they are looking for. We always receive healthy, undamaged, good sized bulbs that give us the best results. 

– Anonymous, NJ

 This catalog has an amazing selection- who knew there was so much to know about garlic? The catalog is a goldmine of information. It’s a small operation, so if you call, you may end up talking to a machine as everyone there is involved in the growing operations as well as the mail order. I just planted my first order from them this fall, so I can’t make any comment about the end product of my order, but they were very helpful, courteous, and prompt with delivery. One of the varieties I ordered was out of stock, but since I had checked Yes on the “can we substitute a similar variety” box, I received a very nice alternative along with a note. They have varieties that you just can’t find anywhere else, and the stock is firm and well dried. As long as this garlic comes up in the spring, I would absolutely order from them again. 

– Kathleen 


When I opened my bag of Chet’s Italian, I was blown away. Never in my life have I seen such large garlic bulbs. Over the years I have placed a lot of orders with Filaree farm due to the fact you always send me a quality product and always very large bulbs. However this year you have outdone yourselves. I can’t wait to plant the cloves. Thank you so much. You Rock! I am going to post a picture in my Instagram and make a note to my followers about your farm. 

– Dan, CA

Thank you very much for all of your help, by far the best customer service I’ve ever had! Will most certainly be looking to purchase seed potato from you all as well. 

– Grant, MD

We feel compelled to offer Filaree a million thank yous. The Polish Hardneck, Carpathian, and German Red seed garlic we purchased are the most awesome in every respect. By far the finest planted by ANYONE here in the “Garden State.”  

– John & Pat, NJ

I really appreciate your service throughout the order process. I know accidents happen, it’s how a company responds to it that tells you what kind of people they are! You have been a great help, and I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for your help getting my order sorted out, and for reassuring me that I still have time to get it in the ground. The garlic looked absolutely beautiful, and should hopefully grow well. 

– Scott, WA

Thanks so much for your response and the GREAT looking garlic and shallots! Looking forward to next year – will be ordering some potatoes. 

– Devin, WA

 Hello, I wanted to say I recently harvested my Chet Italian Garlic from my raised beds from seed I ordered from you back in October... Can I just say AMAZING!!!! They are the size of large baseballs. Firm... and GORGEOUS!!!!! I think you for such an awesome stock of seed... now the challenge is holding on to them to replant for the 2018 season without using them in food dishes. I will for sure order more garlic from you very soon.

- Celeste, TX


Thank you again for returning my email. I always am so happy with the orders I get from Filaree and the GREAT customer service. 

– Sarita, CA


Thank you for your thorough response and reassurance that we can use the bulbs. I will save the largest for seed. I too am in business and understand how important customer service is to customers. I love to do business with folks who care about customers and their problems. Your response has convinced me to buy garlic only from Filaree Garlic Farm! 

– Peg, WA

I received your garlic seed last October and planted it. When I harvested it, it was the best garlic I have ever grown—period. Thank you. 

– Anonymous

Received my order today. Excellent looking garlic and very well packaged. It will be going in to the garden tomorrow afternoon. Thank you so much!!! 

– Keith, MO

Just a note to tell you that I just planted my order here in SE Pennsylvania. Thank you for providing clear instructions with the order and on your informative website. The bulbs were huge and I plan on sharing extra cloves. Also appreciate the heads up email that said bulbs would be arriving soon. Thank you again for your attention to detail. 

– Lisa, PA

I realize how busy you must be with fall turning into winter. I wanted to drop you a note concerning my order, which I had received in October. I have been purchasing a couple pounds of garlic every year for the past ten years. I have purchased garlic from various farms and I wanted to let you know the garlic I purchased from you was wonderful! I don’t ever remember receiving an order this nice. The bulbs were large and beautiful. I am planning to order from Filaree Farm next year. 

– Michael, PA

Just wanted to express my thanks. My garlics arrived last week and they look fabulous. Can’t wait to put them in the ground. I have shared my satisfaction about your enterprise with some of my neighbors, and it sounds like they may get some orders from you. Anyway, thanks again for the informative website and great product

– Joe, AL


You folks are great and have an excellent product and customer service. I really appreciate it. 

– Keith, MO

Thank you for your honest and attention to detail. I find dealing with your company a pleasure. 

– Bob, NV

Thank you so much for your kind and fair customer service. We appreciate doing business with you! 

– Joni & Jerry, AK

I really appreciate this customer service --  thank you! 

– Lizzie, AK


Just wanted you all to know how beautiful all the garlic you sent us this year is. I was astounded at the size and conditions of the bulbs. Just gorgeous. We planted yesterday. I gave a class for the Master Gardeners who worked in the garden with us and those beautiful bulbs made it such a pleasure to teach with. I know they are going to yield some gorgeous bulbs this coming summer. I can hardly wait! Thanks so much for your conscientious commitment to good clean food. 

– Patti, CO


 I just wanted to let you know that I have received and inspected my order, and I am blown away by how gorgeous the garlic is! I have been buying seed garlic for years, and I shop around, and yours is the best by a country mile. Thank you, and well done! J  

- Lisa, MA


 I was looking for a company that specializes in only a few products. I found this company and they only did garlic, potatoes, and shallots. I order both garlic and shallots. The order arrived in a very timely manner and the product was A+++. Cloves were all complete with nice sized heads. All product was planted this fall with hopes to see them all next spring.  

– Anonymous, WY


I have ordered from Filaree Garlic several times now. They have a nice website, and the seed garlic I’ve received is always gorgeous and plump, nicer than other places I’ve ordered. No disease problems, and vigorous plants. I recommend Filaree when people ask me where to buy some seed garlic. 

– Anonymous, OH

Gorgeous garlic heads! Plump and healthy cloves. I’ve just placed my 2nd order with them. 

– Sheri, FL

All of the bulbs that I received were large and plump, and this was the end of the season. I have ordered garlic multiple times in the past from other vendors and Filaree’s garlic is by far the best quality that I have ever received. 

– Anonymous, CA


 Great source all around. Garlic is of very good quality. A++++ 

- Patty, NC


Fantastic selection, service, and value. The garden packs are a really good deal and have performed very well in my maritime northwest garden. 

– Anonymous, WA


Ever since reading Chester Aaron’s book, Garlic is Life, I’ve been unable to buy or cook with store bought garlic. Filaree solves this problem for me!!!! My order- just three types and just 1/4lb each- came promptly and the cloves look just beautiful. Tomorrow they will go in the ground: Red Toch, China Stripe, and Nootka Rose. Now to try to figure out how to survive until they are ready to harvest and eat… 

- Anonymous, CA

I have planted Filaree garlic in the Herb Garden at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens for the last two years and have just placed this year’s order for Fall planting. The selection is extensive and their cloves are of high quality. Their response to emails is quick and friendly and their customer service overall is great. The website and catalog are full of information. I highly recommend.

– Anonymous, FL

I live about 2 hours south of Filaree Farm and purchased garlic seed from them last year for the first time. The person I spoke with was friendly and helpful. Being a first time garlic grower and not knowing about the varieties, I asked him to send me a mix of his favorite eight varieties. Success with every variety! I’ll be harvesting in a couple of weeks. Also, everything is USDA Organic. 

– Anonymous, WA


I have purchased garlic from Filaree Farm for the past two planting seasons and I have to say that I am pleased with the quality of the seed garlic I have received and the numerous varieties available. I have had great success in growing it using the instructions provided. They have a wonderful catalog which provides a lot of information and entertainment. I plan on diversifying my garlic selections in the future and Filaree Farm is the supplier I plan on using. 

– Anonymous, WI

Wonderful! I preordered in the early winter and almost forgot about the garlics I ordered! I looked at the weather around here, and started realizing it was Fall, time to plant… and what do you know, today the UPS truck drove up and delivered my order from Filaree Farm. 

– Anonymous, MI

This is a great source of garlic! Lots of variety, and they really put thought in their responses to my questions. I’ve ordered 3 times from them and each time good stuff. 

– Anonymous, CA 

I have ordered my garlic from this company for the past 3 years and have had excellent experience with them. They carry an amazing number of varieties & their catalog is a wonderful source of information on the taste of each kind, how to grow it and how long you can store it. Their stock is large and healthy. 

– Gretchen, MI

I have had repeatedly wonderful service and received great garlics for planting in my home garden. I have been buying from Filaree for a number of years. This year was no exception—my garlic is beautiful, tasty and just as advertised by the good folks at Filaree. My garlics travel from Washington state to the coast of Virginia—I’ve never lost a clove and the harvest has always been great! I highly recommend Filaree to garlic-lovers. 

– Seraphim, VA



I’ve been ordering from Filaree Farmf or about four or five years. I really like their products, great variety, competitive prices, great information, and customer service. Their catalog contains a wealth of information on garlic types, has been a major source of my knowledge on garlic and I keep catalogs as a continuing reference document. I always make them my top recommendation to friends interested in growing garlic. They are such a top notch company. 

– Anonymous, WY

I have nothing but good things to say about Filaree Farm. They promptly and very courteously responded to my inquiries and even indicated a willingness to include choices more to my liking in a variety pack of seed garlic. That says a lot considering I am a very small purchaser. Thanks! 

– Hue


I and friends have done business with Filaree over the years. Outstanding and personal service. Prompt replies to inquiries and orders. Garlic very high quality and organic. 

– Melissa, OR

I planted 7 types of garlic last fall from Filaree. Ten days ago I pulled my first, Chet’s Italian (great taste.) Today I pulled Killarney Red. Five more to go. Filaree is a great company to work with, orders come when said. The catalog is very helpful. Anyone just starting in garlic should use this company. 

– Mike

This is the source for garlic! So many varieties, it makes your head spin. They also give great growing tips. 

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for the Lorz Italian Artichoke garlic starts. I shared some with my brother. We have planted them, & they seem to be doing well despite the crazy weather. 

– Barb & Rod, AK


Great garlic – last year’s harvest was great, doubling for this year! Keep up the good work. 

– Anonymous

I just wanted to say thanks for the fun seed garlic I ordered from you last year. They grew easy and great, and I tried my first head last week, and it was just wonderful! 

– John, WA

Thanks once again for the great variety, and choice of how much one wants of a certain type. You guys are awesome! Just harvested last year’s garlic. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you. 

– Paul & Karen 

Looking forward to another great garlic crop next year. Thank you for consistent quality & stellar customer service. We come back here to order for a reason! All the best! 

– Anonymous


This is my first purchase from Filaree but certainly will not be my last. Your customer service is tremendous and very much appreciated. Before retirement I was in sales and marketing. After many decades I am convinced customer service is key (second to a quality product offering of course.) Good for all of you at Filaree. 

– Anonymous


Thanks to everyone at Filaree for their hard work and devotion. 

– Ed