Organic Spring Garlic Seed Growing Guide

When your Spring garlic arrives

Open your package immediately and inspect it. If you have any questions or concerns, now is the time to contact us! Leaving the bags open, store your garlic in a dark and cool place until you are ready to plant. Do not store in plastic or the refrigerator. 


Plant Spring garlic as soon as you are able to work your soil. Break bulbs apart. It is not necessary to peel each clove. Plant root end down, 2” deep. Space cloves 6” apart with 9” between rows. Mix some form of nitrogen (compost, manure) into soil before planting. Plant in full sun and rich, well-drained soil, though garlic will tolerate many soil types. If you have clay soil, improve structure with organic matter, not sand. Apply a few inches of mulch such as chopped hay, leaves, or grass clippings and water in. 

Provide nitrogen during vegetative growth in the early Spring and deep watering as needed. Keep water in the root zone, not around bulbs. Hardneck varieties will send up a flower stalk called a scape. When the scape has formed one curl, they should be removed so growth is directed to the bulb, but don’t throw them out! They are delicious in stir fry or pesto.

Harvesting & Curing

Harvest garlic when the top 4-5 leaves are 50% green and the lower leaves are completely dry. Each green leaf equates to one bulb wrapper that will remain on the bulb once harvested. Fewer bulb wrappers result in shorter storage. Brush off excess dirt and hang bundles of 5-10 plants out of direct sunlight where there is good air circulation. In wet climates, a fan might be needed. Let bulbs cure for 3-4 weeks. Softnecks take longer as there are layers of cloves. Trim roots and cut the neck ½” above bulb. 


Store in netted bags or ventilated crates. Ideal storage temperatures are 55-65 degrees and 45%-60% humidity. Refrigerators are too humid, and garlic will begin to sprout. Asiatics and Turbans are the first harvested and shortest storing- 4 months. Rocamboles and Purple Stripes- 4-6 months, Porcelains- 6 months, Artichokes- 10 months, and Silverskins and Creoles can store up to a year. 

For more information please see our Growing Info page.

Returns & Refunds

We cannot absolutely guarantee our seed will perform well for you.  There are too many variables in soil preparation and care, time of planting, and climate.  We do not recommend our garlic for extreme southern latitudes below approximately 32 degrees north latitude, such as southern Texas, and Hawaii. We can tell you that we get a lot of letters from happy customers impressed with the quality of our seed.

However, if you are unhappy with your seed purchase, we will gladly refund your money on the simple condition you return it to us within 15 days of our shipment and before it is planted. We will not refund after the seed has been planted- no exceptions.  Our liability in such instances will be strictly limited to the cost of the seed plus the initial shipping charges. We assume no liability for freeze damage to garlic shipped after November 15th nor for any kind of damage after you plant the garlic.