You can place your order on our website, over email, phone, or through the mail. Your card is charged in full when you place an order, at which time you will receive an order confirmation. You will receive a tracking number when your package leaves our warehouse.


Adding To Your Order

If you need to add to your order, please contact us. After August 31, we can no longer make additions to your order. Please place a new order that will ship separately.

2022 Pricing Chart

Variety 1/4 LB 1/2 LB 1 LB
Artichoke N/A N/A $22.80
Asiatic $13.75 $17.75 $29.80
Creole $13.75 $17.75 $29.80
Porcelain $12.75 $16.75 $24.80
Purple Stripe $12.75 $16.75 $24.80
Glazed and Marbled Purple Stripes $13.75 $17.75 $28.80
Rocambole $13.75 $17.75 $28.80
Silverskin $12.75 $15.50 $22.80
Turban $13.75 $17.75 $28.80


Bulk Discounts

We offer discounts on our varieties listed as “BULK.” 

5-9 lbs    -  5%   discount is applied

10-24 lbs - 10%  discount is applied

25-59 lbs - 15%  discount is applied

60-99 lbs - 20%  discount is applied

100 lbs and up 25% discount or call.


These discounts are calculated automatically by our shopping cart. Discounts are only on full pound quantities of individual strains. Discounts for cumulative bulk strains do not apply. For large bulk orders, please contact our office for discount pricing.



For much of the year, we are selling seed that is still in the ground. You can pre-order based on our conservative harvest estimates. If the actual harvest is less than our estimates, we can usually find a similar strain to substitute within the same varietal group, so please check YES to “May We Substitute?”. If you select NO we will send a refund for any sold out strains. An expert always considers your location, similar traits in strain, and any other strains already on your order to avoid duplicates. You are also welcome to add any notes if you have specific requests for possible substitutions, or you can request that we contact you if substitutions are necessary.


Seed Garlic Bulb Size

Most bulbs are 2” minimum diameter. However, if you order late in the season, (especially after August 1) you may receive 1 3/4” bulbs. Strains with large clove size will produce fine, healthy plants from 1 3/4” bulbs. Creole strains often do not produce large bulbs in Northern climates, yet they are worth growing for their unique qualities. We sell minimum 1 1/2" Creole bulbs. When planted in warmer climates they will quickly produce larger bulbs.