Asiatic: usually Hardneck - not braidable

These garlic strains took a long time to track down.  The latest research classifies Asiatics as hardnecks genetically closest to  Rocambole, Purple Stripe, and Porcelain.

Asiatic bulbs size up very well without removal of the flower stalk which is usually short, drooping, and coiled. The bulbil capsule is long and wrinkled like a dried bean pod. Bulbil capsules contain only a few large dark purple bulbils.

Bulbs have a tendency to be striped with fine lines that run from top to bottom. Cloves are very firm and plump. Clove skins are thick and semi-glossy.

Asiatic garlics mature very suddenly, just ahead of other Artichokes. They should be harvested just as soon as leaves begin to brown. If you wait too long, until 40% of the leaves are browned you may find bulb wrappers split open. Stores approximately 4 months.

One pound of seed bulbs will produce around 45 plants, though this number may vary.