About Filaree Farms

Filaree Farm has been a family owned grower and supplier of premium quality organic garlic seed since 1977. As stewards of the largest collection of garlic in North America that is available to the public, our mission is to preserve the integrity and provide others the opportunity to grow more than 100 strains of garlic -collected from throughout the world. Since 2010, we have added new organic seed products including shallot sets, seed potatoes, asparagus crowns and sweet potato slips. We serve organic gardeners, plant nurseries, and commercial growers. We look forward to helping you grow!

Where we Grow

Filaree Farm is located in North Central Washington State in the sunny Okanogan Valley! We are 200 miles from the coast and 50 miles South of the Canadian border.We have cold winters and hot, dry summers. We water our crops from streams fed by snowpack in the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Our seed has proven to grow well in climates throughout the United States.

We are certified annually by the WSDA. All of our seed is certified organic*.

*Occasionally we will offer seed that is not certified organic if we feel like it is a quality product that will serve our customers well. These non-organic products will be clearly labeled as such on our website, in our catalog, and when shipped to our customers. They will be non-GMO and often grown with organic methods but are from growers who we work with that do not pursue the organic certification on their farms.

Disease Free Seed

We regularly test our garlic seed for disease such as harmful nematodes (stem and neck or bloat nematode)  and the fungus known as “white rot” (sclerotium cepivorum). Our team of seed experts are constantly walking our seed fields and eliminating any plants that do not have vigorous growth. Quality seed is what we have been known for since 1977!