Ordering & Shipping Information

Filaree Garlic Farm - Rose Seed Image | Ordering and Shipping Information
Unfortunately we are unable to ship any seed outside of the US.
If you are in Alaska, we will ship your order beginning in early September.
Orders from Southern states* will be shipped beginning mid-late October.
All other orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received beginning mid-September.

All shipping dates are approximate. Your sales receipt will indicate an "Approximate Ship Group Date." This is when we will start each group. When we begin shipping in mid-September, we ship in the order that we received orders, starting with those placed in early February. With many orders in each shipping group, your order will ship within two weeks of the date shown. You will receive a tracking number once it ships. Thank you for your patience as we work quickly to fill every customer's order by hand.

We continue to ship through the winter as orders are placed, as well.

* Shipped begining mid-late October: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina


We cannot ship garlic to Canada. Boundary Garlic in British Columbia is a great source with many varieties to choose from for growers in Canada.

Shipping Information For Orders Placed by Mail or Email:

Shipping costs have been rising steadily, and we must pass those costs on. Most packages we ship USPS.  Larger orders usually ship via UPS. We compare costs and will ship the cheaper method unless you specify otherwise. If you prefer a more expensive option, we will ask for additional payment. We cannot ship via UPS to Alaska or Hawaii, therefore we might have to charge additional shipping for large orders.

1. If actual cost of shipping is much less than paid for, we will refund accordingly.
2. If actual cost is much more than expected, we will contact you before shipment.

3. If an incorrect address is provided, we will ask for additional payment in order to re-ship your order.

The table below shows approximate shipping charges. Actual shipping cost will vary depending on weight and destination.

Order Total West of Mississippi East of Mississippi
  $8.00 minimum shipping $10.50 minimum shipping
$100 or less 15% of order total 20% of order total
$101 to $200 10% of order total 15% of order total
Over $200 8% of order total 10% of order total



Use our quick and easy online shopping cart.  Our shopping cart accepts credit cards or paypal payment. Shopping cart pages are secure, and all information is encrypted before transit. We do not store credit card information on computers.  When placing an order online, a confirmation email will automatically be sent.  Within 7 business days, a copy of your invoice will be emailed.  If you do not receive a copy of your invoice within 7 business days, please contact us.  The shopping cart charges your card, but a real person will process your order and check for mistakes. Cards are charged at the time an order is made even though garlic will not be sent until Fall.

Bulbs will be reserved based on the date orders are received - first come, first served. We give our biggest bulbs to those who order first, and we start taking orders in January. Ordering early will ensure best selection and size. The majority of our strains will continue to be at least two-inch diameter bulbs (XL size). Creole strains do not always size up well here in the north; we sell bulbs that are a mininum of 1.5" diameter.



ph: 509-422-6940

Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will be happy to help you place your order.  If you are a commercial grower please call for up-to-date information on bulk sales and discounts. 

Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm PST. We will be closed Fridays Jan 11th-March 8th. If we are out of the office, please do leave us a message, and we will return your call as soon as we can. 



We are happy to send you a copy of our catalog.  Please fill out a "contact us"  form with the address you would like it sent to.  You can also email, call or write to request a copy of our catalog. Our catalog is also available in PDF form here on our website.  The website will have our most up-to-date availability.



Please send email orders to orders@filareefarm.com.  We will email you back a copy of your invoice and arrange for payment.


You will receive email confirmation after we have processed your order in our office. Please open the attached sales receipt in that email to look over the information, and let us know if anything is incorrect.


Size And Substitutions


Minimum order of any strain is 1/4 lb. This may equal one to three bulbs depending on the variety and when you order. We do place maximum limits on most strains to ensure that most of our customers can try the strain of their choice. However, we do run out of many strains. When we do, we can usually find a similar substitution strain within the same variety, so please check YES to “May We Substitute?” unless you are willing to wait until next year.

Garlic is shipped as whole bulbs. Most bulbs are 2” minimum diameter. However, if you order late in the season, (especially after August 1) you may receive 1 3/4” bulbs. Strains with large clove size will produce fine, healthy plants from 1 3/4” bulbs. Creole strains often do not produce large bulbs in Northern climates, yet they are worth growing for their unique qualities.  We sell minimum 1 1/2" Creole bulbs. When planted in warmer climates they will quickly produce larger bulbs.



2021 Price Chart:

Variety 1/4 LB 1/2 LB 1 LB
Artichoke $10.50 $14.50 $21.80
Asiatic $12.00 $16.75 $26.80
Creole $12.00 $16.50 $25.80
Porcelain $11.50 $15.00 $23.80
Purple Stripe $11.50 $15.00 $23.80
Glazed and Marbled Purple Stripes $11.50 $15.00 $23.80
Rocambole $12.00 $15.75 $24.80
Silverskin $10.50 $14.50 $21.80
Turban $12.00 $15.75 $24.80


Bulk Discounts

We offer discounts on our varieties listed as “BULK.” 

2-9 lbs    -  5%   discount is applied

10-24 lbs - 10%  discount is applied

25-59 lbs - 15%  discount is applied

60-99 lbs - 20%  discount is applied

100 lbs and up 25% discount or call.


These discounts are calculated automatically by our shopping cart. Discounts are only on full pound quantities of individual strains. Discounts for cumulative bulk strains do not apply. For large bulk orders, please contact our office for discount pricing.


Returns and Refunds


We cannot absolutely guarantee our seed will perform well for you.  There are too many variables in soil preparation and care, time of planting, and climate.  We do not recommend our garlic for extreme southern latitudes below approximately 32 degrees north latitude, such as southern Texas, and Hawaii.  We can tell you that we get a lot of letters from happy customers impressed with the quality of our seed.

However, if you are unhappy with your seed purchase, we will gladly refund your money on the simple condition you return it to us within 60 days of our shipment and before it is planted. We will not refund or replace after the seed has been planted- no exceptions.  Our liability in such instances will be strictly limited to the cost of the seed plus the initial shipping charges. If a partial order is returned, partial shipping will be refunded. We assume no liability for freeze damage to garlic shipped after November 15th nor for any kind of damage after you plant the seed. We assume no liability for freeze damage on potatoes during transit. We recommend Northern growers choose a shipment after April 15. 

If an incorrect address is provided, we cannot refund shipping costs and will have to ask for additional funds to re-ship. Please check your confirmations to make sure all information is correct before shipment.

Any orders cancelled after August 31st will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.